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A.  Installation

Please read the file readme.txt provided with the toolkit.

The most important hints:

  • Close all programs during the installation
  • If you copy/past your username / password - make sure NOT to add any blanks to your name.
  • Enter your username EXACTLY as provided

B. Trouble Shooting


1. Can't use the program. It complains about a wrong username:

The tool is not installed in the right way, either the username or the
password was not entered EXACTLY as in the email you received after the

In case you use the Windows cut/paste feature make sure NOT to enter any
space (blanks) before or after your name.

You have to reinstall the tool to use it. Please check the file readme.txt
for more details.

Sometimes there is a space (blank character) already in the username input box  (Windows problem) please check this too.

So, in case your provided username is "Bob Henry" - then you have to enter:

"Bob Henry"       (without the "")

You can't choose another name or a different spelling like "Cool Rocker", "B. Henry", "Bob", ....
" Bob Henry" or "Bob Henry " will not work too. (Because of the additional blank).



2. Problems with the memory card / files not changed:

Windows needs extra time to copy files to any memory card - called file flush - so, if Windows seams to show that the file is copied - it's not - you have to wait some extra time - can be up to a minute.

That's why you have to exit the USB card reader connection each time before you unplug the reader - or even worse - put the card out of the reader.

I recommend - NEVER do any stuff on the card itself.
Do it like this:

1. Copy the file you like to change to your hard disk
2. Use the editor
3. Copy the file back to your card
4. WAIT - about a minute after this before removing the card - or end the USB connection between your reader and PC.


3. Can't save a song / pattern:

You must load a song file (.seq) before you can edit and store patterns.
There is no way to create a new .seq file by the editor itself - it needs an
existing one.

A .seq file contains all the songs and patters - and has to be copied to your
harddisk first.

Please check the menu '?' from the toolkit for more instructions.




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