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Save $30 and upgrade your LE editor versions to the full retail version with a lot of additional features:

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This version of the editors is for the Zoom HD8 / HD16 only - it can not import/export other Zoom formats.


Additional Features of the Full Version:


-Get full support via email
-Get service packs and free version 1.xx updates
-Import MIDI files from your favorite bands / songs and convert them into HD drum & bass patterns.
-Add pattern events from other files / patterns (e.g. to import a bass line from another pattern)
-Transpose a pattern - for use in other keys
-Us the reapeat feature to save a lot of time
-Get more realistic drum bass patterns by using the 'Natural Level' and 'Natural Timing' feature
-Change the drum/bass playback level
-Mute the drums/bass
-Mute / Solo single instruments
-Copy patterns from one file into another (LE can copy only pattern in the same file)
-Use the quantize feature for easier entering of events
-Patterns can be up to 12 measures long (LE version only up to 4)
-Create high resolution patterns (up to 96 ppq)
-Load instrument definiton files (to have the right names for different drumkits)
-Clear drum/bass fields only
-Move events
-Clear events after the current mouse position
-Select a different bass sound
-Change all level values of one instrument relative to the initial value


-Get full support via email
-Get service packs and free version 1.xx updates
-Much better overview by using measure resolution
-Faster input of pattern, key, chords by using keyboard shortcuts
-Double all fields with on click (to get a longer playing song)
-Clear fields (no need to unset all events seperate)
-Transpose all marked fields up and down
-Move fields back or for
-Much easier / faster change of events with the 'M' feature (only events with the same event type will be modified)
-Better overview big/small fields with tooltip help



A.  Installation

Please read the file readme.txt provided with the toolkit.


B. Trouble Shooting

1. Can't save a song / pattern:

You must load a song file (.seq) before you can edit and store patterns or songs.
There is no way to create a new .seq file by the editors itself - it needs an existing one.

A .seq file contains all the songs and patters - and has to be copied to your harddisk first.

Please check the menu '?' from the toolkit for more instructions.


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