VK8 Upgrade Pack
Upgrade the Roland VK8 / VK8-M Organ with new system settings, features and patches.
Double or triple the value of your VK8 for just $39.99 !
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This upgrade pack is compatible with the Roland VK8 Organ and the VK8-M Organ Expander Module.

It is not compatible with the VK88 Organ and the VR-760 Performance Keyboard.
MP3 Demo files
The output of the VK8-M was directly connected with the PC Soundcard - no external effects where used.
How to install the VK8UpgradePack. Step by Step instruction:  <download pdf file>

Get a free tool to install the VK8UpgradePack: <download>
A short list of the additional features
Feature VK 8 Upgrade Pack
Get more realistic settings for the organ and rotary system yes
Increase the volume (compared to the default settings) yes
True Rotary Bypass Feature (not only 'Brake') yes
Vibrato Chorus Vintage Type ('50, '60, '70) yes
Use the extended features (Rotary Bypass and Vintage Type) for your own patches.
You can store them to any preset patch you like,
New optimized clean presets yes
New optimized coverdrive presets yes
The original sounds Bank1,2,3 will not be changed yes
Easy installation via MIDI yes
Additional Files for system settings, new features, clean patches and overdrive patches yes
Additional file with the original system settings yes
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