For most programs we grant a right to update the program free of charge for up to one year after the initial purchase.

The updates will only work in case you have the initial program and the password.
If this period is over or if you have lost any bought program and/or password - please do like this:
  • Check if you can find the old program or password - e.g. in your backup or email system
  • The ShareIt download link will work for some time - try to redownload it in case you bought it recently
  • If you have purchased "Extended Download" from ShareIt ask them to send you a download link
  • If all the above does not fit - order 'reactivate' - see below
Here you can reactivate any single program for just $9.99!

>>> Secure Order Page: OrderNow!

We will check all your information and send you the program and/or password again.
Please understand that we can not send any old versions - you will get the latest version of the program.

Because this check and the reactivation can't be done automatically it will take some time until your get the program and your old password.

Normally it will take up to 48 hours - but in case of holidays or something like this it may take weeks.

Do not try to buy the 'ReActivate' again - we will send you all you need as soon as possible.

To avoid this in the future please make a backup copy of the program and your password.

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