MRS Song Editor
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Get the complete MRS Toolkit and save $10. Pattern- & SongEditor for $59.99
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All was tested with the MRS1608.

According to Zoom should this recorders use the same file format: MRS 1266, MRS 1608, MRS 1044, MRS 802, MRS 8, and PS-04

Please test your MRS .seq file with the demo version of the MRS PatternEditor before ordering.

Upgrade from the MRS display to the Song Editor
Features a 12 bar blues in E. This big fields shows all MRS event types at once.
Here we have a 4/4 with measure resolution.
This is a part of the screen with beat resolution.
The first beat of each measure is in darker color.
The editor can display songs with mixed time signature.
The first measure has 4 beats (4/4) and the second one only 3 (3/4).
For an overview of larger songs can the fields be switched to small ones.
Showing only the pattern name, root and chord type - while displaying the other information via tooltip.
The SongEditor has full edit features for single events, regions marked via the mouse or any number of selected events.
A short list of the additional features in the MRS SongEditor
  MRS Song Editor 1.0
Create new MRS Songs yes
Edit your existing MRS songs yes
Fast creation of your favorite songs. yes
Complete editing functions (copy, paste, move, delete, insert) yes
Copy parts (or all) form one song to another. yes
Very easy to use. yes
Fast edit with shortcut keys yes
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