HD16 / HD8 Pattern Editor
Change the HD into a fully programmable drum machine. Take full advantage of all HDD8 / H16 drum & bass features. features. Double or triple the value of your HD8 / HD16 for just $39.99!
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Get the complete HD Toolkit and save $10. Pattern- & SongEditor for $59.99
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Upgrade from the HD display to the Pattern Editor
Custom Pattern, low resoluton
Another pattern in high resolution
Full set of edit tools to create your own custom patterns
Select the number of measures, beats, divisions - up to 96 part per quarter note (ppq)
Convert any of your favorit Midi files into R8 / R24 drum patterns
The Level of the drum & bass events will be shown - here Snare level 1..8
(white=1=soft hit ... black=8=hard hit)
Fast Pattern Creation With The PatternEditor
Full Documentation

Download the latest online help file  (click here)

To make this file the standard PatternEditor help file -> copy it into your HDPatternEditor folder.

Not visible help content ?
If you are having problems viewing CHM files, you might be seeing a blank IE screen when you click on any of the subject headings contained in the file. If this is the case, right-click on the CHM file and select Properties from the provided menu. You can then click on the Unblock button at the bottom.

The latest version is: 1.1
A short list of the additional features in the HD8 / HD16 PatternEditor
Feature HD Internal Pattern Editor HD Pattern Editor
Number of changeable drum sounds 27 All
Number of bass notes 9 pads * 3 Banks All
Bass duration fix steps free
Drum levels 3 8
Bass levels 3 8
Midi Import no yes
Copy the bass / drums only no yes
Visible instruments 9 drum instruments or 9 bass notes All
Visible measures 0 (only the current tick) Up to 12
Visible drum / bass level no yes
Merge patterns no yes
Transpose parts of the pattern.
To build seamless rhythm loops
no yes
Full edit features (cut, copy, paste) no yes
Change the number of beats of a used pattern no yes
Natural Level feature no yes
Natural Timing feature no yes
Repeat feature no yes
Created for Windows 2000 ... Windows 10 - yes
Easy installation and registration - yes
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