All you need is sound?

Your POD sounds like a 'Great British Amp' but shows only 'Brit' on the display.
Your POD sounds like a 'Great American Amp' but shows 'Tiny' on the display.
This is because of trademarks rights - this tool allows you to change the displayed names to any name you want.

Yes, you can change it!

The PODCustomToolkits allows you to change all model names displayed on the POD display.

Customize your POD for only $19.99!

There are different tools for the 'POD XT', 'POD XT Pro' and the 'POD XT Live' choose your model below.

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In order to use these tool you need this:
  • -Windows PC
  • 'POD XT' or 'POD XT Live'

This Toolkit does not include any POD code it only modifies your existing .xtf file.
The new POD file will be installed in the same way as any official POD update. All can be undone. Your old or any new POD version can be installed at any time.

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