Complete Vetta Toolkit 2.50

Upgrade your Vetta's sound options dramatically!
Get a full-out aggressive, punchy, awesome clean, sweet crunchy, smooth Vetta.

  • 27 totally new sound improved CAB models
  • Display all the real amp & other model names on the Vetta display
  • Your name will be shown on the system display (Thief protection)

This version includes all Vetta upgrades/addons in one convenient and easy to install package.

Double of triple your sound options for only 5% of the Vetta price !

Get the CompleteVettaToolkit2.5 for only $69.99!

(Please use only the letters (A..Z and a..z) for you name during the order - the Vetta can't display other characters)

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In order to use these tool you need this:

  • Windows PC
  • Midi interface
  • Line6 Monkey 1.12
  • Vetta .vtf File 2.50 (only this version is supported)

This Toolkit does not include any Vetta code it only modifies your existing .vtf file.
The new Vetta file will be installed in the same way as any official Vetta update. All can be undone. Your old or any new Vetta version can be installed at any time.

Please choose the right package for your Vetta - there are different versions for the Combo and Head.

MP3 Demo files:

Note: All examples uses the Vetta direct out.

Compare new and factory CAB Models (first the new ones then the factory ones):

  • New CAB / Factory CAB (low gain) download (506 KBytes)
    Note: Only one Amp was used - default settings for 'BMan'. Guitar: Strat set to neck pickup

  • New CAB / Factory CAB (low gain) download (1065 KBytes)
    Note: ... Strat set to middle & bridge pickup

  • New CAB / Factory CAB (low gain) download (940 KBytes)
    Note: ... with drums & bass

  • New CAB / Factory CAB (high gain) download (411 KBytes)
    Note: Both Amp's used - default settings for 'Powerball'

Listen to the influence of the CAB models (only the new CAB models are switched during this demo):

  • High Gain Demo of some new CAB models download (672 KBytes)

    I switched the CAB models during the recording (for both Amp1 & Amp2).
    (you may hear the switching noise)

    I did not change anything except the CAB settings during this recording.
    (same guitar volume, tone, pickup and other Vetta settings at all the time)

    Guitar: Line6 Variax (Lester Model)
    Amp Model: 'Big Bottom' (both Amp1 & Amp2)
Support Section:

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(The old version consisted of three extra toolkits)

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