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So, I decide to try the profiles. Yes, they are pricey - but after reading some reviews/threads and videos. I take the plunge....

I bagged the following -

Diezel VH4 pack
Elmwood 60
Rock Pack (aka Brown Eye tone)

I'm floored. No cab eq needed. Sounds freaking awesome with my LTD EC-1000 and alnico II pu's. Sweet as hell. Rich, warm and finally the 'amp in the room' feel. Wow. It's illustrated that the magic 'X' is in the mic and cab elements. That's what hit me auditioning these profiles. I was pretty underwhelmed by the stock profiles, then found some great free ones - Fastredponycar's profiles are KILLER. Now with a few TAF and Armin's Soundside profiles - I'm in tone nirvana....

the honeymoon ended very quickly for me with the KPA.

Until last night when I bought 5 amps from Armin (4 last night).

The stock KPA profiles take an incredible amount of tweaking to sound OK....they come very dark and bassy with little clarity. Armin's profiles are almost ready to gig with minimal tweaking of knobs....just a slight boost in highs and a reduction in bass and I'm ready. :thumbup:

I had the '57 Deluxe (which started my love affair). :D

Last night I purchased the Diezel VH4 (which is also my favorite clean amp as well as high gain), the INCREDIBLE Marshall 1959 hand wired Plexi model (OMG :thumbup: !!!!!!), the Elmwood Modena M60, and the Marshall 50th Anniversary JTM-45 Custom (Anderton's).

Just these models cover everything I do and they sound incredible.....sweet spots galore!

I finally gave in and so glad I did...

I picked up a few of the sound side packs and in particular the Diezel VH4 is just off the charts amazing.

What's really great is how you label and organize them so well. Once I read the readme and saw the method I just had to listen to a few to know exactly what I was looking for.

In the end I did 4 rigs, clean, crunch, rock, and lead, and played my first gig on them the day I got them. All I did was pull out some low end and add a couple of subtle studio EQ tweaks that I usually do to any amp or profile.

The best part is this is why you get a Kemper... good tone fast.

And he gets better and better.
I just bought the BadCat (Pack 59)
and I think it is his best one.

Armin has some gems there.
I'll search for a sound to record and find something, and look up, and sometimes it's xxxx and sometimes it's Armin's.
Good stuff!

I have the plexi profiles from Armin. It took a while to find the right one, but his Plexi is one of my main tones I use for gigs. Bright and cutting! But not harsh!

I think the Goldfinger 45, SS version, is the single greatest profile going IMO.

Hi Guys!
I woudlike to share with you my opinion about packs from I was playing in my band about 6 years on my lovely 5150 with Mesa 4x12 Cab. I have tried a lots of amps (Bogner, Mesa, etc.) but I absolutely love my 5150 on stage and in the studio. About 7 months ago I decided to switch real amp into Kemper, because me and my band we had a logistic problems with our huge racks. When I first time try default profiles and "the best" free profiles from web I was disappointed. That was disgusting, ugly, digital sound on the stage! It was still far from my old 5150's sound.

A few days ago I bought a packs from and now I can tell, that I'm happy and satisfied! They are smooth, thight, natural without shrill highs, sound and feel in play like true tube amp! I truly recomend these packs - Diezel is my favourite one! You should try them! Thanks!

Just bought some of these profiles and they are outstanding. I was looking especially for a Laney Iommi tone and they nailed it beautifully! All told, I spent about $50 on 3 bundles, but I would have spent that just for the Laney bundle if I had to.

Just got Pack V. Lots of great stuff. Love the Plexi plus others. Who knew the SANS stuff was so good, too? Or it profiles well. Wow. Well done, Armin.

Armin, Keep up the great work, love your profiles.

Armin, your JMP 1959 HW profile is currently my favorite Kemper profile - really fantastic job on that!

The JMP 1959 E is amazing, I bought it last week and it's by far my favorite profile !!
I'm still descovering nice profiles on bundle V, and have no doubt I'll buy bundle IV in the coming weeks !

Hi Armin, great job !
I love your last profiles!
Bought the whole bunch and they are the best profiles I have on my KPA so far!

Really nice profiles armin, thanks.

I have bought your Bundle IV also.. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

This is really unbelievable how excellent your profiles sound! AMAZING!
I do not understand how is it possible that your profiles sound even much better than factory profiles.. GREAT!

I am the great fan of Armin´s profiles.. I have never regretted 1 cent of these purchases. I like very much also his systematic approach and especially how raw that profiles are. I play them very often even without adding reverb or delay and I am very happy, really, when backing I like to play them as they are, absolutely RAW.. for solos I add delay or reverb or both :-)

Just bought Bundle I !!! Super!!!!!
You cant judge from the demos!!!! This really rocks!!!! Many stars to mr Armin!!!!

Just got time to check out the Elmwood- very nice. I'm glad you included some brighter ones for LPs! I like how you do that with all your profiles so you can find the magic one for a specific guitar.
Btw, the Elmwood clean really surprised me.

I played an outdoor gig yesterday and used Armin's Plexi & VH4 for the whole gig.
Soundguy who has been a tour manager for major bands was very complimentary of the tone & KPA.
Armin's profiles are the best in my box and not by just a little bit!

Just bought pack 4, and I have to say so far I am VERY impressed with the diezel.
Kick up the treb/presence on the channel 3 profiles, kick on the EQ that's added and boost a tad around 8k, add a boost, and WOW, THAT is the dieZel tone for sure.
Really has that signature dieZel tone to a T. I can see why everyone gushes over this amp. Having owned a Herbert, I can pick out the dieZel footprint instantly, and this has it for sure.
The cleans are just as phenomenal as well.
The high gain tones are very reminiscent of my Fryette ultra lead as well, kinda dry Etc, I love this. A unique sounding amp, and has instantly become one off favorites.
The low gain sounds are just incredible too, just an all around amazing amp. Haven't got past the diezel stuff yet, they just kill!

It's the closest to the real amp sound I've tried and a leap above other competitors.

The raw quality is so high here, you don't need to tweak the hell out of it to get something attainable.

Even I got a a lot of excellent amps and profiles by myself (Marshall, Fender, Dr. Z, Boogie, THD ect.), I couldn't imagine my Kemper without Armin's profiles.

Next to the 1959 Plexi I also use his Elmwood Modena M60, 1957 Fender Harvard, Mark Bass F1, Damage Control Womanizer, 1952 und 1957 Fender Deluxe, Marshall JVM 410H, Vox AC30 TB and many more.

I like Armin's profiles more than others. Many profiles are "pimped" afterwards and far away from the original amp. I bought some profiles from another big seller here and I'm very disappointed, when I switch off compression, eq ect. the pure amp-sound is too weak. It's easy to add compression and eqs to make the profiles louder and more "impressive", but with more effects you get more noise and you lose the original character of the profiled amp totally.

I've got the whole bundle IV and my favourite amp is the Roadster, great variety of sounds and all good!!!

Wow, after spending some time auditioning the profiles from bundle V I've gotta say, those are indeed the best Plexi profiles I've ever heard/played, bar none.
Plus the many different settings give it a lot of flexibility, and all of them are instantly useable, I'm very happy with the purchase

The 52 Deluxe is my second favorite, awesome profiles too.

Damn i bought today the Armin plexi profile, "Marshall JMP 1959 HW" number 35! and i am ASTONISHED!!!

Finally i have found a great marshall profile! fits my gibson les paul custom BEAUTIFULLY!!

And surprise for me was the raw profile is the best capture i remember, i checked the parameters, nothing tweaked, it just means great work at source!! wow its the best €20 euros i spent on profiles.

And i have bought many other comercial profiles from others, but their marshall sounds lacked always something, was never happy . i am REALLY HAPPY NOW!!

So a big thanks ARMIN, there is magic on your profiles! . I will buy some more ! i became a fan!

This plexi with the elmwood cab is fantastic. Very natural sounding. Great job armin.

I love all the settings you have included - allows me to audition the amp as if it were actually right in front of me. Sounds as good as any plexi I have played - real or simulated.
Thx again armin!

Bought the Plexi Profiles yesterday and they are really great!

To my ears many free profiles are sounding too muffled. I change the cab very often. But with Armin's Plexi and the Elmwood Cab I don't have to do this.

... then I loaded the Lonestar profiles. Holy shit, that's just how I like hard crunchy sounds. Awesome!

Very crunchy, enough highs, but fat as well and showing a good reaction to the guitars pot. I'm going to add one or more of them to my goto rigs. Maybe one of the cleans too.

Just started browsing the bundle II profiles by
All of them are top quality, but for the clean tone I'm looking for (strat/tele single coils) at the moment I'd say that the best profile is the ProAmp.
I find it to be the clearest "raw" material to work on.

I got the (Mesa Boogie Roadster, Diezel VH4, Mesa Boogie MKV, Elmwood Modena M60, Mesa Boogie Rectifier, Mesa Boogie MKV Combo)

These profiles are just awesome they are done so you can tweak every channel of the amps,and setting like the Bright,Boost etc and get your own sound.

So you can here all the spectrum of the amp not just one or 2 profiles of it.

The support that they have is also great with fast response, and good manual for each amp

I whould recommend them to everyone who like to tweak his own sound.

Today i got the Diezel VH4 and indeed they are great profiles....

I love the way the elmwood modena in the last pack was miked. The markV is also great, but the combo markV + elmwood cab is stellar !

The Diezel VH4 profiles are awesome...very very good job !!!!

I've purchased a couple of Armin's rigs and they're excellent!!

Not cheap but they're sound real. (I mean that)

I appreciate Armin provides MANY settings in his rig pack so I can see how they would cost more.

I purchased his Diezel VH4 and Elmwood M60 rigs and I recommend them to anyone

I absolutely love Armin's work...

I have many of his profiles and will definitely get some more. Very 3D, very real and with loads of personality.

I have many profiles from Soundside and i love them all.

You get a lot of profiles for each amp with different variations for each channel.

All 400Profiles on my KPA are from Soundside.

Armin, Your method of profiling the harvard feels very real to me, and its nice to be able to dial through the profiles and virtually adjust the controls of the amp itself.

Just tried my latest purchase: the -52 Fender Dlx.
Awesome sound and feel!!
Great work! This one will get a lot of use.

Armin, picked up pack 2 and that '52 Deluxe is amazing!

Just wanted to drop a Thank You!
I picked up bundle IV a few days ago. The hardest part is going through the 121 Dzl profiles figuring out which ones to keep on the KPA all the time.

You have patience to make that many profiles of the same amp. I'm loving the Dark Terror as well and have hardly gotten into the Mesas and Elmwood so far.

Just bought PackII.
Couldn't miss out on all those vintage amps
After all, in 1967 I was 16, and playing through my brand new $170 Vibrolux, with my white Hagstrom III.

Thanks for the Christmas gift Armin

Bought the 1952 Fender Deluxe pack and LOVE IT !!! You did a great job capturing this amp. My strat is in Fender heaven.
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