Profile Bundles
Kemper Profile Bundles
Get bundles of Kemper profiles for a very special price!
  • Complete
  • Vintage Bundle
  • Rock Bundle
Profile Custom Shop
Kemper profiles - KPA profiles
These high quality Kemper profiles for the KPA profiling amp captured the sound of great tube amps as close as possible.
  • Old Vintage Combo's
  • Killer High Gain Sounds
  • Beautiful Boutique Amps
  • Special Profiles
Toolkits & Addons
Zoom R8 R24 editor toolkits
Get more out of your gear with toolkits, firmware upgrades and totally new patches.
  • Pattern-Editor for Zoom Recorders
  • Song- and Sample-Editor
  • New Speakermodels
  • Organ Upgrades
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